How To Show Recipes On Your Weebly Website

Detailed Instructions Are Below

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To add recipes to your website with the Recipe Plugin, you must create a free account and log in.

Your Free Account Includes;

  • The ability to create an unlimited number of recipes with the recipe builder
  • A recipe image uploader
  • Recipe tagging for your own recipes and other chefs' recipes as well
  • Tools for organizing your recipes into "menus" or collections
  • Recipe embeding tools to host recipes on your own food blog; including Wordpress, Squarespace, Weebly, and others.

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Create A Recipe

Log in to and navigate to the Kulinarian Recipe Builder

Follow the instructions on the recipe builder page for creating a recipe.

After your recipe is created, navigate to your recipe's page. You can find the recipes you've created by going to your My Recipes page.

On your recipe's page, click the "< > Embed" button to get the instructions and links to embed your recipe on your webiste.

Basic Instructions For Adding
A Recipe To Your Website

The recipe plugin works by including the plugin's embed code in your website's footer, and then including a recipe hyperlink in your blog post or webpage.


Create a hyperlink to a recipe

In a blog post on your website, create a hyperlink that links to a recipe on

To create a link, copy & paste this link text into your blog post;

Then, link the text to this recipe (important: the link must contain the URL parameter “?embed=link”)


Add the Recipe Plugin code to the footer of your site

If you don’t know how to add code to the footer of your website, there are detailed instructions below.

You only need to do this step once and this code should be used globally on your website.

Add The Recipe Plugin in the footer of your website (or a location where it is always rendered below all blog post content).

Detailed instructions on how to add the recipe embed code and links to your website can be found below.

Detailed Instructions For Showing Recipes On Your Weebly Website


Log in to your Weebly account and click the Edit Site button


Click on the Pages menu item in the top-bar navigation


In the left-hand side menu, click Blog


In the Blog's drop-down menu, select Advanced


Add the Recipe Embed code (found below) in to the Footer Code text box


IMPORTANT: If you have done this step already, you can skip ahead to Step #7.

Copy & paste the Kulinarian embed code into the Footer Code text box.

Kulinarian Recipe Embed Code

  • Do not enter the Kulinarian recipe embed code more than once
  • Do not overwrite existing code from other sources

The text box will automatically save your code


In the top navigation bar, click on Menu and then Blog


Create a new blog post or edit an existing post. Give the post a title and then click in the post editor


Enter the name of the recipe into the post editor


Highlight the recipe name text you just entered, and then click the hyperlink icon in the post editor navigation


In the hyperlink popup window, add the the URL of the recipe you created.

The url must contain the url parameter "?embed=link."


The recipe text should now be hyperlinked to your


IMPORTANT: The url must contain the url parameter "?embed=link."


Save, update, or publish your post


Navigate to your blog post's page to confirm your recipe is being displayed