Kulinarian is From Baltimore, MD USA

Everybody always asks the exact same question about Baltimore; "Is it really like the the Wire?" Ugh, No! Well actually, yes it is... if you hang out in the bad parts. So we would like to tell you about the good parts.

Here are some reasons we love Baltimore and you should to...

Amazing Food

Of course we'll start by highlighting the amazing food and bars. As far as we're concerned, Baltimore has one of the best restaurant scenes in the country in terms of value. Amazing meals can be found all over the city for less than $30.

Here are some lists to find Baltimore's best Restaurants.

Social Sports

If you want to play kickball, dodgeball, volleyball, softball, bocce ball, or any other sport you can imagine, there is a league for it in Baltimore. All year round, every night of the week, and all day on the weekends, everyone is having fun playing sports... and drinking.

Checkout some of our leagues.

Eclectic Neighborhoods

Baltimore has always been described as a city of Neighborhoods. And the neighborhoods themselves can be described as quaint, random, and somewhat wacky.

The New York Times had this to say, "Indeed, Baltimore’s best draws tend to be left-of-center: offbeat theater, grandly decrepit neighborhoods on the cusp of gentrification, a world-class museum devoted to outsider art and a dive-bar culture that must be one of the nation’s finest." We underlined that last part because we couldn't agree more.

Here's some notable respect from major publications.